Smime signing broken in NC 28?

I upgrade to Nextcloud 28 and the new mailapp. After that signing mails with Smime gives problems. The message is signed with the correct key but when validating it, the signature is always invalid. The same cert works on Thunderbird and Android perfectly.

Anyone having this? I’m also missing an option to auto-sign all mails, but as long as it is broken, that doesn’t help

There is a bug report, please continue discussion on solving it on the bug tracker:

Yes, I filed it sometime after this post when I concluded it really was
a bug.
Seems confirmed by now as well

somehow I think, this could be related?:

I don’t know the details about why the verification process fails. By default, they probably either trust the system CAs or a CA list within Nextcloud. Usually, there are a few responses to the mail app questions, if you can’t wait, check the bug tracker and the repo, if you find information.