SMB User backend, 2 minute login

I am using the NextCloud VM from TechandMe and it is working well. I configured the SMB user backend using the instructions in the NextCloud Admin Guide. It works fine; users are created and I can move them into the appropriate groups. As a side note, I have moved the /var/ncdata folder to a SMB share (for integration with my current backup scheme and easier access to the data outside of NextCloud).

However, on login for any SMB user, it takes 2 minutes to go from login screen to Files view. I am running phpsmbclient since it is recommended in the Admin Guide. I have external storage (on the same share that is used for SMB Users) and it works fine. Any recommendations or logs I can look through? The NextCloud log on debug just shows the 2 minute gap with nothing in between and an error that the SMB user backend has already been initialized (before the 2 minute gap from login attempt to login successful).

I have updated all the Ubuntu packages and updated NC to 9.0.53 (using the built-in update script on the VM, which needed a few typo tweaks), but still no luck in reducing the login time. This is also keeping the Android app from working (too long for server to respond).


your SMB-server could be a point. Or you can try to dump the network traffic during the two minutes (tcpdump) and see if there is network connectivity, or not at all. Perhaps an easy thing to check is if DNS resolution works properly and you can resolve the hostname of your smb-server, and the other way round as well (reverse dns lookup of your NC server).