SMB share LDAP windows server

I was wondering if someone else has had this issue before? Currently running ubuntu 16.04 with Nextcloud Version 11. The idea is to access the files which are hosted on the windows server though nextcloud and he AD username and password to authenticate. Currently have LDAP working, what i cant seem to get working is the external connection though SMB, while it keeps showing the red dot see picture. not sure if i have not configured correctly?

Thank you

I have setup something similar. I have not included any slashes forward or backward. Plus if the admin has not got permissions for the share the same thing happens.


Thanks for the reply,
so for server would be the IP of smb share in this case its the
then for the folder instead of adding \ it would just be information
and the remote subfolder is?
and the domain would be the name without the .local?
was there any other package you needed to install?
i had to install the smb package
apt-get install smbclient

Thank you

EDIT: So solved the issue now have it working connected to the SMB share i had to install this package and reboot

apt-get install php-smbclient

then had to edit the smb.conf and added these lines because i disabled smb1 for security reasons of the eternal blue

client min protocol = SMB2
client max protocol = SMB3

Now the question on the authentication mode which should i use for the users to authenticate though AD only seeing the folders they have access to? because i have working the gobal credentials but any users can see all the folders though the SMB share

Thank you

How did you typ the domain and the other information?