SMB share ldap access when login through OpenID Connect

Hello everybody,

I’m implementing the OpenID Connect app in my Nextcloud to enforce security.
The app is linked to our Keycloak server with success.
Keycloak is linked to the Active Directory, so we can connect to Nextcloud with a AD account.

The login is working well but i can’t access to our smb shares.
The SMB shares (Windows shares) are configured to authenticate with “Connexion ID saved for the session”.
That’s what we used before with the ldap connector.

Can you tell me if there is a way to access to the SMB shares with the active directory account used for the login through OpenID Connect or if we have to change the way we authenticate to the shares ?

Thank you for your help.


No one for any idea ?

Everything is good to test for me :wink:

Thank’s in advance.