SMB problems again in 26.02

Since upgrade, Icewind errors when accessing SMB drives.

Error	webdav	Icewind\SMB\Exception\Exception: Malformed state response from server

Can anyone help?

There are a few topics about this:

Not sure if that helps, perhaps you can help to push these issues. If it was working before, it would be certainly interesting which version you were running.

Hi - thank you very much for your pointers. I have now used the Icewind files of an older Nextcloud Version (I think its 22 or24 or so), which I had kept archived. This seems to work but I will keep monitoring.
Initially, I thought the Icewind issue had been fixed in NC 26, but then it came back in 26.02. I have nothing esoteric going on my server, just a straight installation of NC, so I am very very surprised that this fundamental file access management issue came back. After all, whats a file sharing server without bug-free management of the most relevant file sharing protocol SMB.
I really cannot understand how NC developer teams can work on programming nicer buttons and all sorts of secondary features, while the core functionality is still not working after all those years.
Beats me.

Not everybody is using external storage, and some use other protocols. Sure it is a problem if a feature just stops working after a simple update.

It looked like it in the linked issues. They asked for feedback, so it would be good to share your information with them. Without the feedback they suppose that this is fixed.

The same issue . Is there a work around right now?