SMB not working / stable... any fix?

Hello All,

I have the following problem with NC9 and SMB.
My files are stored on a W2012R2 Server 8TB Raid Volume.
I am using Hyper-V on the same server with a Techandme official NC 9.53 VM instance.
I installed external storage support (libsmb-php / added to php.ini)
I can connect to the volume and map shares / subfolders.


The content of the mapped folders in NC is disappearing after the drive has finished the filesync.


My windows volume safe is containing a dir named BAK with folders containing machine backups.
When i map external folders with SMB, Servername: cloud, Share: safe, remote dir: bak
everything is connecting fine and all subfolders and files are shown under NC menue files.

After a while - the sync process has finished - (some) subfolders are gone and all my files are only partly listed under NC Files menue.

UP/DOWNLOAD via Web-Frontend to the NC storage (not SMB) is working flawless.

Any ideas?

Reg, Arne

So it’s only a problem with the client? Do the folders appear again, when you also access them via web-interface? Does it only happen after the sync of a large folder?
Can you have a look at your logfiles (Nextcloud-server, php, Windows-Storage)?

1st of all sorry for my late response. I was very busy last weeks.

What i found out: in NC10 the issue is fixed.
It is working like charm now.

Reg. Arne