SMB client not installed

I am using Ubuntu headless on an Odroid HC2. I have tried manually installing and using snap but getting the same results when I add my 2 TB partition of an 8 TB drive. I believe I have everything installed for the smb
samba common
samba- libs
and a few more, see screenshot below
I am not sure what else I might need to get this working. Did I miss a config somewhere? Please help

Can you mount the samba share on command line?

I have been trying to figure out why I cannot mount my samba shares, but not successful. I have an 8 TB drive split into 4 partitions and I am only trying to mount partition 1 right now. Keep getting
’ mount error(13): Permission denied ’

fstab line is as follows

//HC2ipaddress/documents /mnt/wwn-partitioned-part1/documents cifs username=dstair,auto,nofail 0 0

any suggestions on what might be causing my error when I try to mount -->

mount -a

try to add vers=2.0

//HC2ipaddress/documents /mnt/wwn-partitioned-part1/documents cifs vers=2.0,username=dstair,auto,nofail 0 0

no change
what about the password. Do I need to have that set in the smb.conf file or will the dstair account password be used?

Sorry, Im a newbe to Samba and nextcloud

I have successfully mounted the drive and can access my drive via other machines. For some reason there is no password protection. Any thoughts as to why that would be?
That is only a small issue though. When I log in to the webpage, it is still “showing smbclient is not installed. … Please ask your system administrator to install it”
What do I need to do to get nextcloud to see that my Samba is there and installed?

I have the same problem,Do you have the solution? Thank you.

not yet, still working on it. Odroid wiki has some info I am giving a try now. As soon as I get it I will post a solution. IF anyone knows how to fix, please share.