SMB 2.0 and 3.0 support (disable CIFS / SMB 1.0)

Can anyone tell me if Nextcloud can connect to CIFS/SMB shares with SMB 1.0 disable (i.e SMB > 1.0) and what version of SMB Nextcloud officially supports and how you can manually set minimum and maximum SMB protocols for shares.


@icewind should know that. If you don’t get an answer soon, try the nextcloud-dev IRC channel during week days.

This is a very important topic also and especially in regards to ransomware protection. SMB 1.0 is one of the main causes of spreading and disabling it is a very difficult problem due to vendors not supporting anything newer than 30 year old SMB 1.0 from the 80ies.

Nextcloud just uses the php module smbclient, there is already an issue reported upstream:

Sounds like this issue on github.
There is an issue in the underlying smbclient version prior to 4.7.8.