SmartSync possible

Hey hello,

I just try today the first time nextcloud, and it’s very nice and smooth.
I want to test if nextcloud can help me with the following problem:

My PC hasnt’t that much storage, so I cant’ store everything in my PC.
But I want to see everything (like SmartSync Dropbox offers).

Is that possible with nextcloud?

Thanks a lot!


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You could integrate your Nextcloud as a webdav drive. I can’t help you if you’re using windows or MacOs, but there should be a lot of How To’s out there.

hey thanks! Yes I know it with webdav, but my computer needs then so much ressources when I working with documents editing etc, thats why I’m searching for an other solution. Yes I use Windows 10…
It’s seems so, that there is no of this “smartsync” function, right?

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Here are two sync tools that allow you to use something similar to “Smartsync” along with Nextcloud:

They are called Odrive and Expandrive. You can connect them using Webdav and keep placeholder files on your system for later use.

hello, thanks for you tipp. It would be nicer if there is a included solution into NC, but well we will see. I close this post for the post from @justs with the same topic.

thx and cheers

Webdav is a workaround but no solution compared to SmartSync!
I do use MountainDuck as additional client for Nextcloud to not need the storage for everything on my clientmachine.