Smart Sync for Nextcloud client


One feature I find cool in OneDrive and Dropbox is “smart sync” where files are only downloaded when you need them, this way, not taking up space on your hard drive. Can I do something similar with the NextCloud client?

If not, since Nextcloud has integration with WebDav, could you tell me another tool that can do this for me?
PS: If it works for Linux, it’s even better.

Thank you!


Would love to see this functionality. It’s something I really count on in the commercial packages.

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Hi! Any news about this feature?

I think the following announcement might be of interest for you:


since the announcement of the Virtual Drive feature was some months ago now: Does anybody know when this great feature will be released for Windows and of course also for Mac?

I saw a technical preview for Windows on GitHub. But also this was a post from April…so nearly 5 months ago.

I saw in the news this feature is included in the new client currently in testing.

Honestly though I hope it remains optional because I leverage the data co-location as an extra data backup.

I really would like to support the test of a Mac client. Any idea how/where I could do this?

I noticed this build is a rather old build and available on a branch (virtual-drive-techpreview). I tried this build and noticed it doesn’t synchronise on my Windows10 pc due to the issue below. However the latest build (3.0.1) for windows works.

I have the following questions:

  1. Will the Smart Sync feature be available on the master? If so, could you mention a time frame?
  2. I noticed there is also some other branch (virtual-drive) which shows some more recent activity than virtual-drive-techpreview. Are there any recent builds available for the virtual-drive-techpreview branch?

Thank you.

The issue I encountered with Virual Driver on Windows 10:

My understanding is there has been a delay due to technical issues as far as the virtual drive. I don’t know any specifics and haven’t used it myself. I’m personally not a fan of the virtual drive feature as I feel better having a full copy of files on the client.

I just installed v3.0.1 on a new Windows 10 laptop yesterday and had no issues.

Hi KarlF12, thank you for your reaction.

Did virtual drive work with v3.0.1 on your Windows10 laptop? I tried this build myself and I didn’t see the virtual drive popup menu, refer to their advertised screenshot:


Mine doesn’t show a virtual drive option.