Smart Client - sync recently updated files

Dear Nextcloud Community,

my idea is to add an option to the client config, something like “Smart sync” with the following behaviour :

  • sync all the folder tree always (empty folders, maybe with a dummy file containing the real dir list on the server)
  • sync only files not older than “t” where t is a parameter in the config interface.
  • when a recent file is present in a folder, sync all the files in that folder.
  • when a synced folder becomes an old project with files timestamp older than “t” free-up space on the client!

The background of this idea comes when nextcloud is applied to “cloudize” ordinary LAN SAMBA Shares.
In this environment:

  • occ scan --all takes too much time and CPU effort
  • files edited in LAN directly to the shares are not immediately available to the mobile workforce.
  • LAN edit via WEBDAV is definitively slow and a PIA.
  • PC client SSD are too small to sync fully LAN shares