Small issues with set up..i think :)

i have a couple of rather strange things happening that i would like to understand.
Issue 1: I am using nextcloudpi version 16(updated to 17) and in both versions the light on the Ethernet port is constantly blinking(about every second or so). Is this normal ?

issue 2:
I wanted to use my nextcloudpi away from home as well as locally…and i am not sure how i did it but eventually got the no-ip thing to work…at least i think so as when i configured my router to port forward it didnt work…but using the ni-ip config seemed to do the job. Anyhow, the way i can use nextcloudpi away from home is: The android app, with no-ip login OR web based again with no-ip details. So basically i have the android app set to normal log in so i can use it on wifi and web based with no-ip login. Is this normal and if not what have i done wrong ?
Dont get me wrong…this in the scheme of things is no bad thing, just i would like to use the android app with on the wifi and mobile internet.
Brilliant software mind you and thanks to the team for everything :smile:

Hi @Steve_Hepple and welcome to the community,

We’re happy to have you here and using Nextcloud software :slight_smile:

This is pretty normal. Your device - when not transferring data anyway - is holding the network connection and doing some basic communication in your network. So this blinking is not necessarily caused by Nextcloud but your operating system doing some basic stuff.
When you check the network interface cards on your PC, you should see the same.

Issue 2:
Well … sorry, I don’t understand the question. What is the no-ip config?
You are trying to reach your server with your mobile phone from within your Wifi at home and also from the carrier networks (LTE, UMTS, …), right?
Did you reach your server successfully already from outside your home network (from a carrier network)?
Do you have a domain name (like which you use to connect to your server?