Slow work of gallery

NC 10.0.1, Ubuntu server 16.04. HW CPU Atom D525
All works perfect, but previews initialise very slow. Example. I upload under my user 500 photos, shared them to another user. And when i want view them under new user, impossible to wait so long for previews. And also when clicking photo it’s take a long time before i can view it. Is it known issue or my hardware too slow?

The CPU doesn’t look incapable (

How’s your RAM?

You may benefit from optimising MySQL (, tweaking PHP memory settings (/etc/php/7.0/apache2/php.ini) and keeping an eye on htop (sudo apt install htop) to see what sort of load it’s under when accessing larger image libraries.

In NC 11 thumbnail generation will be optimised, but right now it’s on demand.

How much do the server/memory caching tools like APCu, redis or memcached help with photo performance?

Might be worth looking at running just one at a time, firstly APCu, then APCu local with Redis or memcached.

I believe you have a website detailing that help Jason?

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We made some improvements on that section for Nextcloud 11

Thank you for reply. RAM 2GB. htop shows that process /usr/bin/apach2 -k start load’s on 100% each core.
PS Thank you for your tutorial about NC!

With my completely unscientific observation, enabling both APCu and Redis was like night and day, though my server is a hex-core 3.5GHz with 32GB ECC RAM so the differences will vary :slight_smile:

Yes, no reason you can’t try ACPu without Redis if you wish, though I did have APCu-only on an old OC instance and it wasn’t as snappy (PHP 7 has since come along though, so again I have no scientific statements to make) as NC.

Every core, constantly? What’s your load average out of interest?

:smiley: It’s this one here, for those interested.

Basically two cores simultaneously, less one core. All 4 cores at the same time not used. The average CPU load, not including the load from Apache, 1 percent. I use server as home media server (trans/minidlna/smb/NC)