Slow motion movies


I would like to know why nextcloud app on ios doesn’t upload slow-motion movies to the server.

After upload they are normal movies.
As far as i know Iphone records slow-motion movies in 120 fps and then just plays them slower.
Are there any plans to give an app ability to detect and upload movies as slow-motion movies by default?

I know it is somehow possible, since when you send slow motion movie through app like Wire (probably facebook messenger too), friends can see the movie in slow-motion.

It seems as player feature/issue. You just writing video with 120 or 720 fps and player should be able to

  1. read it
  2. make it “slower” by adjusting fps to normal and expand time frame.

I think if your friends will paste direct download link to the player (like VNC) they will see your slowmo.

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