Slow login after activation LDAP


i have a problem with LDAP.

I have a fresh installation V12.04 or 13.0.0 have the same problem.

After Installation i can add a user and login is very fast <1sec.

If i activate the LDAP Connection, the login time goes up to >30sec.
For local and ldap users.

I can deactivate the LDAP Configuration and APP but the problem is not solved.

Any ideas?
Sorry for my english.


Have you done any searches for LDAP on the ownCloud or Nextcloud forums? I remember one question where the problem was a firewall between Nextcloud and AD/OpenLDAP, and another where DNS was incorrect for the LDAP server. Also, try the LDAP tools distributed with the LDAP software to query the server directly, to see if the problem is with Nextcloud or the host’s connection with the LDAP server.


i think the problem is by the Hoster.
I have setup a local installation behind the Firewall and it runs fast.

Thanks for your answer.