Slow download after 5MB

i set up a nextcloud on my NAS and want to use it primarily to share large files. Most of it is working fine, but when i download a file about 5MB is downloaded really fast and then the speed drops to 20kB/s.
Because the first 5MB get downloaded fast every time i try it, i dont think the connection is the problem.

Does anybody know what could cause this?

Im new to nextcloud and NAS in general so i have no idea where to start.

Nextcloud version: 28.0.1
Operating system and version: Synology DSM 7.2.1-69057 Update 3
Apache 2.4
PHP version 8.2

Please provide more details:

  • Did you install in Docker or ?
  • Are you testing locally to the NAS?
  • Are you using a reverse proxy?

Thanks for your reply.

After trying some more things i could narrow it down to the https proxy i want to use, so its not a problem for this forum anymore.

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