Slight Problems with configuring TURN Server for Talk

Hey Guys,

i just try to setup a NC Instance primarily for Videochat via Talk for me and my peers, and blasted through the standard install like a pro, inclusive a Letsencrypt implementation for the first time,… Yay!

But when i noticed, that the videochat doesnt work out of the box, i discovered this thread:

so i need a TURN server. Fine,…

To My setup:
Ubuntu 18.04

KVM vServer at edis. Since my Network Adapter shows my external IP adress i assume there is next to nothing between me and the internet. Meaning no NAT etc, all ports seem to be open by default (will install a firewall later).

Talk App

I tried to stick to the thread above followed the instructions here:

the coturn service is installed and running, set it to enabled and de-commented the following:

cat /etc/turnserver.conf | egrep -v "(^#.*|^$)"


I tried both listening ports for TLS and nonTLS and stale-nonce was =600 before and edited it out for testing.

Is there something i overlooked, the howto is confusing me not knowing if there is something missing for TLS.

By the Way: From the outside port 3478 is reachable, whereas 5349 is not.

In the Settings page in my NC i filled Stun Server with (not sure if this is needed or even breaks thing, didnt work before either)

Turn Server the same with the above secret in the secret filed and UDP and TCP turned on.

Now me and my friends testet this, we want to make group videocalls for “Stammtisch” reasons due to the Zombie Apocalypse. But some peple having a hard time getting the audio/video streaming to work. When my and my GF are in the same call both from inside our home network, we get very interesting phenomena, like 3rd call member seeing and hearing both of us, but me not seeing or hearing her.

Do i need a STUN and a TURN Server? TURN seems to work, but after further reading it seems, that a STUN Server needs its own IP, and this would just cost more money, so i want to avoid that. Is the pre filled out STUN server under “” an actual stun server i can use, or is this just a dummy?

I hope this is not confusing, since i started this post, when i had initail problems finding out i need TRUN, overcome them, and edited it after the test yesterday where the partial problems described occured.

Thanks in advance.

Please forget about TLS in coTURN, Nextcloud Talk does not support it anyway. Having port 3478 open is hence sufficient.

The default STUN server is s real one, publicly hosted by Nextcloud. You can also use your own coTURN as STUN server, ending same domain+port there. coTURN provides both, STUN and TURN and both can be on the same port. There is a setting to disable the STUN feature of coTURN, if you use the public one anyway.

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Hey thanks. I have a typo above, i was settling with port 3478 already, but wasnt aware, that TLS is not even supported. That explains this.

Also, i am now testing with Nextcloud public stun server aswell as my coturn as stun.

Since i need people for testing, it could take some time, but i will report my progression here as i go forward.

I’m troubleshooting an instance that worked in the past, but is no longer working. That makes me wonder if this is the cause and TLS was supported before. Any idea if that’s the case?

Please try to disable it and see if it makes any difference. :slight_smile:

Would be nice to know since I’m seeing some connectivity issues as well.

And btw @Michalng, thanks for your efforts.

Disabling TLS didn’t help me. I have no idea what’s different, but I gave up on Talk for now. I’m planning to look at Jitsi this weekend.

Good idea.
Jitsi “out of the box” - hardly any config tuning - worked for me for 15 users.
You can also try bigbluebutton… Both perform much better than Talk.
Both might get Nextcloud app support…