Slight confusion about NC version an NCP version

I use ncp-update and it update to version 1.29.8 but in ncp-config in firefox it show nextcloud version 18.0.3 instead of nextcloud version 19
the nextcloudpi in terminal is 1.29.8
any one a idea how can i update to nextcloud 19?

After updating NCP to v1.29.8
run nc-update-nextcloud (with 0 in option field) to update NC to 19.0.2
or if auto is enable, just wait, it will run overnight…
Docs on staying up to date

thanks for the fast answer than i wait for auto update,
with the option nc-update-nextcloud (with 0 in option field) it will be make a clear install of it again or did i think on a wrong thing at moment? mhm?

have a nice day

Wrong indeed, nc-init will give you a clean install. nc-update-nc will update NC.
You can find full list of all ncp-tools and their functions

PLease start a new (your own) topic if you have other questions, Thank you
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Yes that’s what I meant, had it wrong in my head,

thank you much