Skeleton folders

hello @ i am trying to make for new users a set of 3 folders which will be created at new log in for new users and delete all the how to and welcome files and folders.

i am changing from /var/snap/nextcloud/current/nextcloud/config/config.php i am adding a new line `‘skeletondirectory’ => ‘’ but then i refresh the server tab in url it wont show up saying error
when i switch it back to the original file all is fine.
so any ideas how can i do it ? erase all the pre installed files and folders and create 3 new folders with some files in them…

The above example should leave empy everything with no folders or files i mean the ‘skeletondirectory’ => ‘’ i understand that but even this wont work !

thanks in advance for your time !!!

You can simply create a directory (or more) and then share with “Everyone” as a user group. Restrict as read-only if you wish.

Incorrect, you are changing the line that is already present. That is why you see the error related to the skeleton directory. See the admin documentation.

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you need to create a new directory first somewhere. I recommend inside your nc-data directory you can name it however you like. for example SKEL.

mkdir /nc-data/skel

inside this folder you create your default users directories and files that you want to show for new users. it does not effect existing users

then you set your config.php to point to there.

‘skeletondirectory’ => ‘/nc-data/skel/’,

now only newly created users get a copy of everything in skel/*

ofcource you may need to restart you webserver.

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