Size of upload - default, configurable - appliance download for HyperV

In the following link:
I see:
Microsoft Hyper-V (.VHDX):**

Nextcloud VM** [ Pre-installed – 40 GB ]

Nextcloud VM [ Pre-installed – 500 GB

What do the 40 gig and 500 gig refer to?


I also see at this link -
6 Some of the pre-made configurations

  • Max upload is set to 1000 MB.
    Please notice that automatically hashes out the default value in /var/www/nextcloud/.htaccess during update.


Is this 1000 MB fixed or can it be adjusted? Increased? This would be in a HyperV host scenario.


How much external storage - Windows network share/VHD - can be allotted to Nextcloud? Can it be changed after first installation? Another share added? Original share expanded?

Your attention to this is appreciated in advance.

The sizes are the sizes of the DATA disk (as there are two disks included, one for OS and one for DATA)

Max upload is from the WebUI, you can upload as big files as you want with the client as it chunks the files into smaller pieces.

You can add as much space as you have hard drve, there are no limitation.

Hope it answers you questions!