SIP Gateway setup


I have a Yeastar TG200 which supports SIP signalling and can connect to 2x GSM networks at once.

It would be great to use the Talk app to call cellular/mobile numbers or even receive inbound calls from the GSM networks.

Is there any guides available on how to start this SIP gateway endeavor with Nextcloud’s Talk?


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I didn’t see SIP integration documented somewhere but I’m interested as well to see if it’s possible to setup SIP trunk from Nextcloud to some device and enable phone calling.

The current SIP integration (from our partner Struktur AG) works with a SIP bridge that directly talks to the High-performance backend which is available by our partner Struktur AG

The question is if and how we can connect other SIP gateways

The SIP gateway is connected to the sip bridge component.
Unluckily this component did not get opensourced yet.

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The HPB is just webrtc there’s a few open source singling servers on GitHub I’ve been looking at. If you self host it physically somewhere instead of a server farm maybe they can be connected.

If you are interested in a SIP client for Nextcloud see SIP Trip Phone.

It can be connected directly to the SIP provider, if the provider allows direct connections from WebRTC applications, or it can be connected to the provider via Asterisk. You can install Asterisk on your VPS, alongside Nextcloud, then connect Asterisk to a SIP provider like Telnyx or Localphone, so that you can use a real phone number located in a country of your choice, acquired from the SIP provider, to make and receive phone calls to/from any phone number in the world. It’s known that VoIP phone calls are up to 70% cheaper than regular phone calls.

It has complete documentation on how to configure it, as well as on how to install Asterisk, which can be used to implement advanced PBX features, such as: voice menu, voicemail, queue management, music on hold, number blacklisting, call recording, audio conference calls, etc.

If you want to send/receive SMS messages and faxes in Nextcloud, please check SMS Relentless and Pax Fax respectively.

If in addition to audio phone calls you need video calls, video conferences and text chat, you can use Roundpin , but this is a standalone application, independent from Nextcloud.

Feedback is welcome.