SIP Gate - Only available through Paid Nextcloud Service?

Hi All,

My company is looking for a new solution for webinars / screensharing / call in conference calls.
So far Talk has been a great solution for most of our wishes, however we’d still like a solution for call-in conference calls ala GoToMeeting.

I saw Nextcloud advertising a ~5000 EUR solution for a SIP Gate with their Talk application.

Is this the only way to implement the call-in conference call type feature? There is no way to integrate ones own SIP Server / Gateway?

For my small company (~35 people) this may be a bit above our budget unfortunately…

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why not asking sipgate directly? maybe they know how to and how much it’ll be.

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Did you threw an eye on Spreed.ME?

By the way. This project does not seem to get any updates lately. Is it still alive? Actually I pretty much like spreedme but it seems to be dead. 9 months without any update?

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A good sign?

I have installed it, it’s working pretty well.

Yes it does. But i’m a little bit concerned.

Did anyone ever come up with a newer supported solution?

No, it seems this functionality is restricted to their proprietary version. From their product page:

  • Webinars & public web meetings*
  • SIP gate: dial in by phone*

*with optional Nextcloud Talk High Performance Backend starting at Eur 4000/USD 4500

It might be worth checking the code to see if this is just an artificial restriction, and the “High Performance Backend” is just the same code with the restriction lifted.


Nextcloud builds user facing software, in simple words, ‘UI things’. We try to leave back-end things to partners. So we don’t build a mail server, you have to use something like Dovecot for IMAP and Postfix for email sending. The same is true for audio/video calls, we don’t develop an MCU. There are no real open source MCU’s and SIP gates that we could find but a partner has one, and we resell it, just like we resell ONLYOFFICE, Collabora, the Outlook add-in and formerly the iOS client (which we later bought and open sourced).

If anyone feels like investing a few years in building an alternative open source SIP gate and MCU and signalling server and integrating it in Nextcloud, we’re happy to take the patches. We have little interest in this as our goal from day one has been to give people (as in, humans, private users, companies are not people) a privacy-protecting alternative to proprietary cloud data storage solutions.

You can check this SIP client for Nextcloud: SIP Trip Phone.

It can be connected directly to the SIP provider, if the provider allows direct connections from WebRTC applications, or it can be connected to the provider via Asterisk. You can install Asterisk on your VPS, alongside Nextcloud, then connect Asterisk to a SIP provider like Telnyx or Localphone, so that you can use a real phone number located in a country of your choice, acquired from the SIP provider, to make and receive phone calls to/from any phone number in the world. It’s known that VoIP phone calls are up to 70% cheaper than regular phone calls.

It has complete documentation on how to configure it, as well as on how to install Asterisk, which can be used to implement advanced PBX features, such as: voice menu, voicemail, queue management, music on hold, number blacklisting, call recording, audio conference calls, etc.

If you want to send/receive SMS messages and faxes in Nextcloud, please check SMS Relentless and Pax Fax respectively.

If in addition to audio phone calls you need video calls, video conferences and text chat, you can use Roundpin, but this is a standalone application, independent from Nextcloud.

Feedback is welcome.