Since Update to memories app 7.1.0 navigation bar unreachable

Since the update of my memoreis app to version 7.1.0

i recognize that after opening a picture in memories i no longe be able to reach the navigation bar for the foto.

it is always overlayed by the navigation bar of nextcloud

I have made a screenshot to show what i am talking about.

I restarted the server to make sure that no cache / old php sessions disturb

No effect, the two nav bars of nextcloud / memories still overlay and nextcloud always is in the foreground so memories navigation is unable to use.

Others the same?
Any ideas what steps to reproduce / workarounds?

Thanks and regards

I checked my desktop settings - but tried to set from scaling 150% to 100%
either no success with that - the “error” seems to be desktop settings independent

append Desktop Settings

in contrast the fotos app shows a reachable nav bar for the pictures and overlays the nextcloud navigation (correctly)

Your browser is too old. You need at least Firefox 121 if on an FF based browser.

Ah ok.

I am using FF ESR Editions and so (we all) have no choice having an earlier ESR Version than 115.9.1 so i am strictly speaking up to date …

OK not for Memories so far.

So i have to wait for an update when FF jump to the next main version with the ESR releases.

Thanks so far.