Simultaneous connections on onlyoffice document server

Hi all.

We have recently discovered that our community onlyoffice version has a limitation of 20 simultaneous connections.
As we are seeing some unexplainable issues with the usability of our nextcloud document editors, we were wondering if this could play a role in our issues.

So to confirm whether this is the case or not, we need to see how many simultaneous connections our instance of the document server has at any given time. How can we see this statistic?


this is the case and was heavily discussed on the forum already. pls use the searchfunction before posting something to avoid several questions for the same subject.

Hi @JimmyKater, I understand that the simultaneous connections topic has been discussed on this forum. But I do not wish to discuss this, I simply want to know if I can see how many simultaneous connections i have to my document server right now.

If the answer to my question has been given in another topic that you are aware of, then it would be very helpful to me if you could share it.

Thank you.

awww ok, i see.

well up to my knowledge there isn’t anything like what you requested.
which doesn’t mean it’s not doable… but i just doesn’t exist. yet.

so this could get your first self-coded app, if you like.