Simple task: but I am looking for assistance

ensure your domain name is resolved to the server IP address.
I am installing Nextcloud-22.1.0 onto my Debian11 platform and I do not know how to do this one task!

What ‘server’ is it asking for? (apache2, or is it different from Nextcloud?)
How to obtain, link/associate that IP to my domain name? I do have access to my DNS records- I just do not, as I say, know how to proceed.

I have completed installation of apache2; mariadb (mysql); and am attempting to administer Letsencrypt. That is where I am in the installation process.

Any help/assistance would be greatly appreciated! /E

Let’s encrypt will need:

  • Valid domain. Either one you own ala or obtained from a third party dns service.
  • Ports 80 and 443 open to create or renew the certificate

Make sure you have both of these available to you. You might also need to add a DHCP Reservation or Static IP address to the machine hosting your Nextcloud.

Thanks- I do have an existing domain thru Dotster. I have access to all the DNS “A” records. Also, I have AT&T Broadband Cellular ISP…which means I have Carrier Grade NAT…which means I do not know if I can make this nextcloud server of mine to work- since I cannot get a “static” IP address. I am awaiting Starlink ISP service (mid 2022) so that might allow me to get a nextcloud server up and operating for me.