Simple internal forums? (with link to flatfile forum software)

Simple internal forums for Nextcloud instance users to exchange seem to be an often requested feature.

However integrating one of the existing popular forum softwares is not that easy and can’t be done by simply installing an NC app.

However I just can across this:

which would seem to work as a normal NC app as it is all JS and php and does not need a database.

Anyone interested in giving it a look and making an NC app out of it?

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Similarly there is also a database less wiki app:

Why not just install the desired server software alongside your NextCloud instance and link to it using the External Sites app as discussed in the manual?

Much more difficult to set up (and you might not have another database in your hosting plan), and of course primarily because it is quite difficult to have the same user-accounts work in both apps.

Integrating a simple forum is just the much more streamlined experience for the users, and typically you don’t need a full blown forum software anyways.

Where exactly is the issue with database conflict in the softwares that you noted above? NextCloud has its database and the flat-file forums have no database - no conflict.

Having user accounts work in both apps is as simple as using the same username and password combination. Again, no problem.

It seems that your idea is the only one that will be considered, regardless of compatibility or bloat. I wish you luck.

Why so aggressive? You seem to only consider your own limited usage for user accounts, which in many cases is not practical if you have external non-tech users. That is why so many people prefer internal apps that don’t need separate logins (or try to set up SSO).

Regarding the database… well of course for the above no need. But usually external forum software needs it’s own database which might not be available.

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Absolutely with you on this one Krischan.
There will be plenty of support for forum software.
Highly-skilled developers of open-source software should be hugely valued, but sometimes that community overlooks looks usability for lay users, small businesses, individuals and intuitiveness. Users usually follow the path of ease, the path of least resistance, and aesthetic clarity, but with features they want or need.
Most lay users would want a single integrated product (or add-ons addable within a product by clicking one button - like Nextcloud app store) not separate installed products, with users requiring separate profiles.
A simple forum app would complement workflow and could in future feed into Users timeline, and be discussions could be readily linked directly to tasks etc…

If I may warmup this old thread: Did anyone work on a flatfile forum software for NC since then? I am exactly this lay user @olantrust is talking about, and I totally agree with @Krischan 's last post on that issue: I am part of a small cooperation and association (planning to generate renewable energy). We had a forum on, but people hated the file management of it, so we changed to Nextcloud a year ago. Now we are missing the functionality of a forum and would like to integrat one into our NC. Our members quite reluctant to complicated IT-solutions … Any help is appreciated.

There is still no forum option, but with file comments and nc-talk and the social app communication options have become better.

I think if the social app would support federated groups then that would be quite close to a forum.

Other than that: with the integration of a OAuth2 provider in Nextcloud, integration with other services has become a bit easier (although it still seems a bit buggy). Flarum is a really nice forum software outside of the Nextcloud app ecosystem that I can recommend.

NC Talk would be close to it if it were searchable, but it is not. We need a forum rather as a knowledge base than for instant dialogues. Anyway, thanks for your tipps! I should look for an tech-savvy to check if our NC Useres could log into xobor (we still run that forum) or Flare with their NC login via OAuth2. That’s what you suggest, right?

Maybe even easier would be a Discourse forum as there is a user integration app:
(Edit: hmm, but it has not been updated to NC17 I just now see)

But running Discourse itself is a bit more difficult as it is a Ruby app.

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I thought Discourse woud be to expensive for us, but luckily I just read “Alternatively, the community can install Discourse in the cloud for you for a flat one-time fee of $99.” ( That sounds good, so we should try it - as long as the integration app also works with NC17. How could I find out before whether this works?

You can also run Discourse without paying anything (but supporting FLOSS is always nice):

Having a forum inside Nextcloud seems like a bit too much, there are other options out there that already do a good job (like Discourse), but maybe one day somebody will create an app for that.

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Ok, good tips, many thanks to both of you! I think that’s the way to go. I will look for someone nearby to try that - I am definitely not the one.