Simple guide to opening latest iOS nextcloud app in Xcode

Is there a simple guide to getting the latest iOS nextcloud app (2.22.8) to open successfully in Xcode. Ive changed bundle identifiers in all 4 targets (Nextcloud, Share, File Provider Extension, and Notification Service Extension) to my relevant entries. Updated App Groups, Keychain Sharing, and iCloud in the Capabilities tab of all targets.

Getting various errors ie

  • Command PrecompileSwiftBridgingHeader failed with a nonzero exit code
  • ‘UICKeyChainStore/UICKeyChainStore.h’ file not found
  • Failed to emit precompiled header ‘/Users/xxxx/Library/Developer/Xcode/DerivedData/Nextcloud-eugrkvlmneybcoglqlnyvjrkkviv/Build/Intermediates.noindex/PrecompiledHeaders/NotificationServiceExtension-Bridging-Header-swift_35ERPTWM779PL-clang_1K1Q4AEIVYC1Q.pch’ for bridging header ‘/Users/xxxx/Downloads/ios/Notification Service Extension/NotificationServiceExtension-Bridging-Header.h’

@ios Could you help here?

@lozflan Hi, can you re-create this in, it’s more relevant.

thx doing that now