Signature of update is not valid

Tengo problemas a la hora de actulizar desde la versi贸n 13.0.0 a la versi贸n 13.0.1 el error es el que se muestra en la imagen. Gracias de antemano
firma no v谩lida

Ich habe das selbe Problem. Update von 18.0.0 auf die neueste Version. Fazit: Signature of update is not valid (siehe oben)


dear bernd鈥 welcome to the forum and thanks for your first contribution here.
also it鈥檚 nice that you first searched the forum for similar issues.


(ya, there is a but)

this is an int鈥檒 forum. thus not everyone speaks german. we agreed upon english as being the common language of the forum鈥 please keep to that.

we are establishing subcategories with different languages one-by-one. so if you want to put youzr questions in german鈥 please use the german subforum. pls take note that there would be less coverage then鈥

apart from that: it makes only little sense to kind of re-open an unanswered posting from 2 years ago (a spanish one, i am gonna put it to 鈥渟panish鈥 section)鈥 usually your setup would be completely different from the one back then鈥 just because nc was developped further. os it might be better to open a completely new thread and link to the existing one.

as for this special error鈥 it could mean that there was a problem while downloading the updatefile and thus the hashes would be different. just start anew鈥

hope this hint would help