Signature not saved and no error/warnings given?

Hi there,

NC20.0.0 / Mail 1.5.0:
When I chose account settings and enter a signature and then push the Save Signature button it seems quite alright but the button stays “ghostly” until I carry out another action.

In any case, the signature is not saved. it’s not shown when reselecting account settings. It also doesn’t appear in newly composed emails. No error or warning is given neither in the app nor in the logging section.

Anyone else having this problem? Or is it just me? In this case does anyone have any idea where and what to check for narrowing down the problem?


Hey Nick,

have you checked the browser console? Any errors there? Also mind sharing a screenshot of the :ghost:ly button? :slight_smile:

Hi Christoph,

here’s the relevant console’s log:

[HTTP/2 200 OK 94ms]
[HTTP/2 200 OK 665ms]

whereas “XXXXX” refers to my server’s current adress

Screenshot of “ghostly” button:
Bildschirmfoto zu 2020-10-16 14-12-46


Could you check the table oc_mail_accounts and the row with id 13 to see if the signature is stored?

it says: “Empty set (0.000 sec)”

Whoops wrong ID. Try 2.

the field looks empty:
| signature | last_mailbox_sync | editor_mode
| | 1602850502 | plaintext |

Thanks for checking. Please open a bug report at and we will look into this soon.

Thanks Christoph!

I will open the bug report later in the evening!


pls don’t forget to re-link to here :wink:

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Here’s the bug report: