Signaling Server - "Error reading from..."


i setup a nextcloud high performance backend with signaling. Everything seems to work fine, but upon opening a testcall i receive the following message from the singnaling server in the log:

X.X.X.X is the IP of the Nextcloud Server

Dez 17 09:54:12 ncvs signaling[801]: hub.go:809: Invalid message {Id: Type: Hello: Bye: Room: Message: Control: Internal:} from X.X.X.X: type missing

Dez 17 09:54:15 ncvs signaling[801]: client.go:303: Error reading from X.X.X.X: read tcp> use of closed network connection

Dez 17 09:54:16 ncvs signaling[801]: client.go:282: Client from X.X.X.X has RTT of 2 ms (2.972803ms)

Any ideas?

Hi there,

same here with Talk 13.0.1 (NC 23) and latest signaling (0.4.0). It seems like the JSON message is either coming in a wrong format from the clients or the signaling server has a problem parsing it.
I have upgrade our signaling server because NC Talk said so. Now it is not functioning anymore. :expressionless:

I have noticed, these messages only appear when using the browser interface.

We got it finally solved by the help of the dev team. It is important to do a make clean before recompiling the signaling server with make build after a git pull or similar. Hope this helps.
Our system is up and running again.

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Thank you for the hint :slight_smile: I had to reinstall the Server anysways so i worked after that. But i guess that was the error then. Cheers!