[showcase] Add video streaming capabilities

Hello everyone,
nextcloud is not the right solution for watching streaming videos: it doesn’t compress/resize to adapt to insufficient bitrate, it doesn’t transcode when the client doesn’t support a codec, it doesn’t know how to organize a media library, etc. This isn’t a reproach, but an observation that nextcloud isn’t made for that (it’s made for something else, it does it well and that’s fine).

But on the other hand, it’s true that it’s very good at “administering” files and offers numerous methods for sending, receiving and sharing files; all things that a service dedicated to video playback from the cloud wouldn’t be able to do properly. Incidentally, I use such a service (Jellyfin) and this is the case.

Because nextcloud is a resolutely open project, it benefits from a community that offers an incredible number of solutions to a wide range of problems. Thanks to this openness, I was able to achieve a seamless integration. I wanted to express my gratitude and share an overview with you:

  • I use the “Group Folder” extension to store and administer videos. Their folders are mounts points in both the nextcloud and jellyfin containers.
  • I use “External links” to have a link in the top banner and the jellyfin integration inside nextcloud.
  • Finally, I use a keycloak and “Social Login” so I don’t have to authenticate several times.
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