Show "sync-able" items like in OneDrive?

Hi there!

Complete Nextcloud noob here. I just set it up on my Ubuntu server, and it’s running flawlessly.

However! I was wondering if there is a feature like or similar to the one from OneDrive:
Basically it shows which items you could synchronise. Depending on your settings it’ll download the requested files real-time, or if you right click and select “Always keep on device” it’ll just have it always be there.

You can see an example here:

Is there something similar to this for Nextcloud?

Do let me know if my question is unclear and needs a more elaborate description, or is better fit in another category :slight_smile:

hey @Therkelsen and welcome to the communityforum of nextcloud.

I think I got what you mean. And yes such a thing is possible.
You need to install the desktop-client of NC. be careful and better wait one or two day until you would install v3.28.2 since the .1 has a problem which got fixed only yesterday.

take care that you enable “virtual” files and let the client do it’s work.
Afterwards you’ll have all syncable files visible in nextcloud-folder on your desktop. They will be downloaded only if you decide to have them downloaded

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Amazing, that’s exactly what I wanted!
Thank you! :smiley: