Show Recommendations app in other place than Dashboard?

Is it possible to show the list of file recommendations, provided by the Recommendations app, in the Files?

I am asking because I just disabled the Dashboard app, simply because my users don’t find value in the dashboard - they are 99% of the time working in the Files view.

But the recomendations are nice, so it would be great to have them available 1) in the left menu of Files, and 2) shown by default when you enter the Files view.

Recommendations is separate from dashboard.
Files is where it is displayed. Make sure you have it turned on from bottom left side menu in files app. Or, check your apps under admin.
I use it with dashboard disabled.

I’m not sure I see what you mean by this. If I have the Recommendations app enabled, then on the dashboard there is a “Recommended files” widget listing some files - it’s the main widget on a new install of Nextcloud 25. Wheras if the Recommendations app is disabled, this widget does not show up. This means that the Recommendations app definitely provides content on the dashboard, even if it’s a separate app.

Can you please tell me where in the Files view the Recommendations app adds some contents? I am not seeing any change in appearance in the Files view when I disable and enable the Recommendations app.

Regardless of whether the Recommendations app is enabled or disabled, there is no change in appearance in the Files’ view bottom left menu (the one named “Files settings”). All I see there is checkboxes for “Show hidden files” and “Crop image previews” as well as the WebDAV URL I can use. Nothing more.

I’m enabling and disabling the Recommendations app in the Apps admin panel, yes. And to clarify, I am reloading the entire Nextcloud page in my browser between the above tests. I’m not seeing a settings panel for the Recommendations app.

EDIT: I’m on Nextcloud 25.0.5 in case that is relevant.

Sadly there is not a settings panel, but there is the basic option to turn it visible or hidden in Files app.

Dashboard app has a recommendations widget, but that is their only commonality.

Exactly, but only if you want to use that widget (in addition to dashboard and recommendation apps)

To learn more see the repo at GitHub - nextcloud/recommendations: 🎁 Shows recommended files in Nextcloud

Right, then settings panel is not something to take into account, and the checkbox for whether to show hidden files or not is of course not relevant to this discussion at all.

Just to clarify; It is the Recommendations app that provides the “Recommended files” widget on the dashboard, it’s not the Dashboard app doing that.

I’m not sure what I should be looking for in the repository of the Recommendations app. The question is simple; Is it possible to have the Recommendations app display its recommendations in the Files view rather than just on the dashboard?

You said that the Recommendations app already does show in the Files view, that there is a setting for it in the bottom left menu in the Files view, and that you see these two things even when the Dashboard app is disabled (quote: “Files is where it is displayed. Make sure you have it turned on from bottom left side menu in files app. … I use it with dashboard disabled”). Can you please explain exactly where/how you are seeing content from the Recommendations app in the Files view? Maybe even show a couple of screenshots? As I elaborated earlier, there is nothing of the kind in my Nextcloud 25.0.5, at all.

I’m trying to keep a clear and elaborate communication here in order to understand what you are referring to, since I am not seeing it at all :slight_smile: