Show multiple time zones

Hello All.

I work on a distributed team, and would like to know if there is a way to show more than one time zone on the calendar - similar to Google’s “second time zone”.

Thank you!

You can check the developer github issues and search documentation for calendar.

See if you can use reminders on your events to remind different time zones. Hope this helps.

Came here also looking for this. I am not familiar with how google does it, but I do take advantage of a feature in MS Outlook which can display multiple timezones in the calendar week view. The design could be improved upon by allowing increases in the amount of timezone columns in this display beyond two. It provides a nice visual cue for coordinating between different timezones.

A potential challenge would be the corner case of how to handle shifts such as daylight savings some time during the week that do not occur uniformly between the shown timezones, but I can imagine some ways of handling that, and doing it incorrectly in a first draft of the feature would still be a significant improvement, IMO

Annotated screenshot that illustrates this is below:
Calendar week-time zones-1

Couldn’t find anything, here is the feature requested:

Another reference, someone trying to achieve this in the Mozilla Thunderbird application:

Which also includes this link to a more detailed description of how Outlook works: