Show link for share to mail

I shared a folder to an email address. Due to any reason the email did not reach the resipient so I would like to send the link again manually. But I did not find any option to get the link which has been sent to an email address. Is there any way to get the link which has been sent to the recipient? I could also have a look into the data base etc.

I would just remove the email share, make a share link, and send that.

Ok, but my guess is that if it fails once, it will also fail the next time. So I would prefer to send the link again manually.

I am not a friend of the link-to-email feature. I always create a link, set a label for the user to differ between users and sent the public link with manual email. Advantage is to send also some nice greetings and get direct answers.

Maybe so. Is email on your system not working?

That’s what I was suggesting; make a share link and send it yourself. It won’t be the same link, but that’s fine.

No, my system is fine. I guess the recipient is the problem. But what shall I do?! I must provide the share and he is no expert… :upside_down_face:

Email is not too nice. Maybe you can install the app Guests:

Hm, I guess there is no solution for this. I will either use the public share or add a note so that the system just sends the link again and hope that the receipent has fixed his inbox.

If you create a Nextcloud account of the user e.g. with app Guests then email is no longer so important.