Show info after click on file/folder icon instead open it

After update to nc 17 click on icon open folder instead showing info. But if I click around icon, info is showed. I’m doing something wrong?

Just checked in 16.0.6 and it is the same as you described. What is your expectation?

That’s interesting, I think you should open an issue ticket to get the different behavior fixed.

It looks as cool feature for me, I did not know about till this tread :rofl:

In some older version of NC, after clicking on icon info sidebar is showed. This behavior would be great.

Hmm, but now you can choice:

  • if you want to open folder/file just click on it directly,
  • if you want see sidebar, just click a little bit on the side of folder/file.

I’m really not sure if this is bug…
As I sad, I did not know about this feature and very thankful, because before I click on menu first to call sidebar :expressionless:

a similary problem in Ability to click on part of row in webview to open sidebar · Issue #14944 · nextcloud/server · GitHub