Shopping list app


Hi there,

I’ve got an idea for a shopping list app - the goal would be “having a simple shopping list app that more than one person (each using their own mobile device), can add to/mark-off.”

Essentially it’d be built on the calendar and/or tasks functionality.

I’m putting together some UI sketches at the moment, but I’ve not got the expertise for the coding part.

Any thoughts? Does anyone have time/interest to contribute?


A shared task list works great for my household. ¯_(ツ)_/¯


you could also use a shared note.

With the following markdown:

  • [] cheese
  • [x] milk
    you even have check boxes!


I’m also using tasks nextcloud app, combined with tasks (formerly known as astrid) or opentasks (or any other app that syncs via CalDAV).


A simple shopping list app for both iOS and Android would be awesome. I can’t do coding, so can’t help with it. :frowning_face: