Idea for shopping list app

Hi there,

I’ve got an idea for a shopping list app - the goal would be “having a simple shopping list app that more than one person (each using their own mobile device), can add to/mark-off.”

Essentially it’d be built on the calendar and/or tasks functionality.

I’m putting together some UI sketches at the moment, but I’ve not got the expertise for the coding part.

Any thoughts? Does anyone have time/interest to contribute?


A shared task list works great for my household. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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you could also use a shared note.

With the following markdown:

  • [] cheese
  • [x] milk
    you even have check boxes!

I’m also using tasks nextcloud app, combined with tasks (formerly known as astrid) or opentasks (or any other app that syncs via CalDAV).

A simple shopping list app for both iOS and Android would be awesome. I can’t do coding, so can’t help with it. :frowning_face:

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I am missing this badly in NextCloud also. I was using Google keep and this is a great multi-functional app You can creates notes and share, or lists with checkboxes. When you check them off, they automatically move below to the marked off list.

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there is this app that is very nice. one could contact the author to convince him to contribute. It would be nicer instead of downloading the source and editing it. reading the sources you see that they refer to a site where you create the user account. With the appropriate modifications it would fit easily with every nextcloud installation

I’d like to second that. Using a shared task list is basically working for me, but there’s a issue with up-to-dateness: Sometimes we’re shopping together and split up at the store. Then it’s helpful to immediately see who’s put what in the cart.
Additionally, if I don’t regularly update my task list manually, changes done by the other person don’t appear and sometimes are even overwritten.

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I’d like to have a NC shopping app, where my wife and I can change the files (add new things, mark others as bought) in parallel. As far as I understand, this isn’t possible with the mentioned work arounds. I 've tried Notes, work around with tasks and a task app and last but not least Carnet.

Definitely agree with a shopping list app!
I currently use synchronized with Caldav but it’s not really handy…

+1 This would be nice to have as a readymade app :slight_smile: