Sharing with full path

Hi everyone,

ist it possible to share files or folders so that receivers see them with full path (before maybe renaming them) like

folder1/folder2/file1.txt ->

And if applicable is there a difference if folder1 is a group folder?


maybe you wanna look into this app here?

i think it could be very helpful in your case :wink:

Thank you, but that’s not what I meant.

I want the full path to be available in the root folder if the receiver’s file-app. Not only the shared file file1.txt as usual.

Then, you should probably use the groupfolders app.

You can share a folder structure like this example:
In this example (folder “Images” there are three folders and a few picutres.

But full path makes no sense because:

a.) why?
b.) perhaps the sender want move it in future in another path
(my example is in a path named with the month “July” and nobody must know it)
b.) perhaps the receiver move it in a own path without source pathes
(i think the receiver do not like my folder “July”)

Here is an introduction to how you can use groupfolders to achieve exactly what you want:

Here is the whole article:

a) I have a group folder shared within a group. In this group folder there is a subfolder which has to be shared with another user not member of the group. I want this person to see the full path to have the same structure as the group. THis can be achieved by creating a folder with the same name as the group folder and moving the shared subfolder into it. But maybe there is a simpler way to achieve this.
b (twice :slight_smile: this is a general problem with shares. In general renaming a share does not rename it in the receivers filesystem, only the initial name is set. This is fine.

Thank you, I will try this!