Sharing Windows shotcuts

I used to have file shortcuts (like Windows *.Ink files) to link files or folders within the Nextcloud.
That was very convenient for searching and understanding their relationship in the sharing.

After upgrading Nextcloud Desktop Client to ver.3.2.1 (Windows), these shotcuts is not shared in the Nextcloud.

I suppose windows shotcuts is eliminated from the sharing target.
Is there any way for including windows shotcuts in Nextcloud file sharing ?

there is “Ignored files” setting where one can define files should be excluded from syncing. my client (upgrade from 3.1) doesn’t list *.lnk files even after “Restore defaults”, but maybe this is different for clean installation. Please double check .lnk files are listed there… Maybe some other definition matches you lnk file names?


Unfortunately, I cannot specify the affected setting of ignored files from default setting of my clean installation.

Attached the setting of my ignored files.

I made some tests and confirm .lnk files will not upload from Win 10 Client 3.2 to Nextcloud.

client log shows following lines:

2021-05-05 09:50:57:506 [ warning nextcloud.gui.activity ]:     Item  ""  retrieved resulted in error  "Symbolic links are not supported in syncing."
2021-05-05 09:50:57:506 [ info nextcloud.gui.activity ]:        First checking for duplicates then add file to the notification list of ignored files:  ""

looks like links are excluded by intention:

Little more investigation gives you lot of discussions been around for ages:

there on-going discussions how/if .lnk files will be supported - stay tuned.

Thank you for your information from GitHub. I decided to downgrade to the previous version, waiting for its allowing non-VFS mode.