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When I start screen sharing, I am asked which window I want to share, and I cannot select the “whole display”. So if you have many apps that you need to switch and show during the talk, you need to stop sharing and start a new screen share for every app switch. If you need to jump back and forth between various applications, this even makes screen sharing completely unpractical.

I don’t know if this is currently a Talk limitation or that of the browser (Firefox 58), but I would like to share my screen without having to choose a single window. Also bear in mind people like me with multiple displays (I’d need to be able to select the screen to share).



I use Chrome Extension, because there is none for my firefox version.
No problem to share whole Desktop/Screen with chrome extension.
No talk limitation I guess

Are you referring to the Talk app?
I thought that this application is only for simple calls or messages.

@HegMac What Chrome Extension do you refer to?

Thank you.

seems to be a new feature that comes with the “talk”-app (available for nc 13+). but i dunno if it would be possible not having set-up your own stun-server.

Because I didn’t see somewhere to mention it, beyond the simple “Enable” of the app, it is needed more configurations or to setup a stun-server ?

maybe this would be of any help? --> Installing STUN / TURN Server

No-no. There is no extension for Firefox. I am using the Talk app of the latest Nextcloud 13, where you can start voice/video chats natively in the browser AND also share screens. No extension needed. My problem has also nothing to do with the availability of a STUN/TURN server, but nevertheless I have them also setup and verified working.

So, would it be possible to make whole-desktop sharing work in the Nextcloud Talk app?

Hi @Ka_Pa,
It is a Talk limitation when using Firefox at the moment.
As @HegMac said, you could share your whole screen using Chromium based browsers with the extension.
Firefox allows either to share ‘windows’ or ‘entire screens’, so we decided to share windows when tapping on screensharing button.
We need to think about how to make an exception on Firefox and allow users to choose one of those options.
I have opened an issue in the Talk repo for this.


I am using this extension for Chrome:

It works great

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