Sharing some files on a folder

Hello there, I am new using next cloud and I could not find a solution yet to this issue:

If a share a folder to user A, the user will be able to visualize the folder and all the documents inside, this is fine for me.

My trouble is:
If I share some files (not all files inside the folder) inside the folder to user B, the user does not see the folder name and inside of it the shared files; instead user B sees on its root directory the shared documents only. My issue with this kind of behavior is when I try to share documents from more than one folder the user B see the shared documents on its root folder but does not have a clue about in which folder is placed originally the shared files.

Is there a way to configure next cloud in order to share files inside a folder and user sees the folder name and only the shared documents inside that folder?

Thanks in advance, sorry for the inconvenience I am a newbie.

Best regards!


I don’t think there is a way of configuring the current NextCloud to do this, but to be honest I do like this feature. It would make things more organised and not have everything in the users root folder.

There’s a setting in /config/config.php:

 * Define a default folder for shared files and folders other than root.
'share_folder' => '/',

This setting is not for received files and folders of remote shares, unfortunately.

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Thanks for the quick response, I will try it.

Thanks again!

I think this feature is always good in order to get everything organized.

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Just found that you can write e.g.“External/Dropbox-my” in the “name” of external storage and it will create a folder “External” with “Dropbox-my” in it. I put Google drive and Dropbox and others in one folder in this way. It is very nice.