Sharing recipe with other nextcloud users

Okay love the app. After adding a few recipes I noticed they did not show up automatically for my wife. So after poking around this is how I solved this.

  1. I shared the /recipe folder with my wife
  2. On my wife account I open the gear on the bottom left and mapped the recipes folder to the share.
  3. Refresh the page and all recipes showed up.
  4. She added one with her tablet and it showed up in my list.
    All done hope that helps if you have the same issue.

Really wish adding pictures was easier but looks like that is being worked on. Only other issue is trying to find a android app that could sync with the JSON format would be super cool. A feature would be nice to have a way to save website that work with the import, a tool to adjust the recipe by serving size.

Even with my wish list this app is a 4 1/2 star rating in my opinion. I will use for along time.

It allows my family to keep all are recipes together and secure. The hope is when we pass my kids will have all our recipes to share with there kids.

Thank you


Could you please explain step 2 in more detail? How do I map the recipes folder to the share?

In the Cookbook settings, on the bottom left, I tried to add a path to a second folder, but that doesn’t work.

Thank you!

Catch 22 to share recipes. My way:
I set up a new folder and shared it (at root level). With an admin account. I used another name as “Recipes”, like “Shared_Recipes”. Share this with the users you like.
Log out (with the admin account).

Log In with the user accounts (one after another) that are invited (shared) with the “Shared_Recipes” folder. Switch to Cookbook. In the “Settings” down below, left-hand corner, edit the Recipes-Folder to the new, shared folder. i.e. “/Shared_Recipes”.

Reload the bib and you should see a change (or both empty nothing happens).

HELP!!! Where are my recipes? In your old folder named “Recipes”. Just move or copy the recipes (folders in the regular file section) you like to share to the new, shared “Shared_Recipes” folder.

OK, with many users, that is work to be done. Not “Rocket Science” but “Cookbook Science”.