Sharing Possibilities

Hello, at our school we started with NC for about one week, so we have not very much knowledge and I need help with the sharing options. The goal would be to create a folder for each class in which several teachers have subfolders. Each teacher can upload his materials in the teacher folder. The students will come with a link to the class folder and can download the documents of all the teacher folders. This is no problem by sharing the class folder with two links. One link for teachers which have upload-rights und another link for pupils with only download- or viewing-rights.
But in the the teacher folder there should also be files that have password protection and an expiration date for the students. Is this possible? The students should only have one link to get all the materials and the pupils have no account in NC.
Thank you!

Sure. So you’ll probably want to create a group folder (install the app if you haven’t already) for the teachers. And then I think they can share a sunflower of that with a public link and whatever settings are needed such as read-only, expiration, password, etc.

Or instead of group folders, each teacher could just have their own stuff in their drive and share it. The share options would be the same.

Thank you KarlF12, but if I understand you (or the options) correctly, the pupils will need several sharing links. E.g. one link for folder A with documents which the pupils can download and for example another link for folder B which haS a passwordprotection with several documents.
My idea was to give the pupils only one link for a folder in which the documents have different „rights“, e.g. document C in the folder has a passwordprotection and document D in the same folder has no protection. But Booth documents are in the same folder.

I could be wrong, but my understanding is this is not supported. Normally the permissions are handled by the share.

Maybe you could work something out with the File Access Control app and file tags.

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