Sharing options


I have some problems with sharing options on my nextcloud.
There is the following structure of my folders:


  • FOLDER 2
  • FOLDER 3

Now I want to share FOLDER 2 to someone but NOT! FOLDER 3.
This is possible but what I want is that the person I shared FOLDER 2 to, see FOLDER 2 under FOLDER 1.
So it sould look like


  • FOLDER 2

for the person I only shared FOLDER 2.

How is this possible?

Thanks a lot!

Two possible workarounds:
You do flat shares into a service account, build the structure you like and then share it from there … or
You let the person see the name of folder 3 but block access with file access controls …

Thanks for the fast reply!
I don´t really understand how option one should work. I created the Folders with one account but, well I think I didn´t understand what you mean, sorry xD.
Option two is something I really don´t want, because this would fuck the whole system of permissions.
With windows fileshare there is a option for this. Maybe there is also a function in nextcloud or a app with the function?