Sharing not possible / Teilen nicht möglich

Hi guys,
I use the app for Android (version 3.2.4) on my Samsung Galaxy Note 9. This one has Android version 8.1.0. I can’t share folders or files through the app. Does anyone have the same problem and can help?

Hallo ihr,
ich benutze die App (Version 3.2.4) auf meinem Samsung Galaxy Note 9. Dieses hat die Android-Version 8.1.0. Ich kann in der App keine Dateien oder Ordner teilen. Hat hier jemand selbiges Problem und kann helfen?

Hi @mellery,

does the sharing work on the server (web interface) and which version of the server are you using?

@Andy The Nextcloud version is Sharing folders and files works fine on the web interface.

@mellery do you see any errors, is anything in particular not working, like the user/groups search?

@Andy No that’s work.
I can search for users and find them too. When I select this user, there is a short “please wait.”
And then nothing happens anymore. The app displays: “No files have been shared with users yet.”

@mellery If you check the server is the sharing visible there? Because that what seems to happen for me (version 14 of the server)

I also opened an issue here:

@Andy No, the share is not visible there. It is not created at all.
I would take a screenshot of it.

Here are the screenshots. I blacked out the IDs.
The app finds user. I choose the user (screenshot 1) and then the app displays “please wait”. It takes 1 second to “jump back”.
Then I see only the the message that no files have been shared. (screenshot 2)

If you close the virtual keyboard right after, di you see a little bar with a error message at the bottom of the screen maybe?

@Andy oh yes, I have not seen that yet. :open_mouth:
The error message: share failed.
But there is no reason.

Do you have the exact message or is that the message (already running the latest development version)

To gain some more information, could you create a test account for me and sent it to me via PN, then I’d try to debug it :slight_smile:

Here is the exact message.

Okay! I actually see the same error on my personal server (which is version 14) and the internal error from the server (hidden on the clients screen) is “SHARE_FORBIDDEN” while I can’t say if the reason would be the same for your server.

@Andy Hm, shit. Should one again check the configuration?

I am not an expert on the server, best to ask @rullzer or @nickvergessen I guess

OK. Thank you. :slight_smile:

You are very welcome, sorry for not being more helpful :frowning: