Sharing Nextcloud Calendar with Google Calendar

I cannot find a way to share my NextCloud Calendar (NextCloud v11.0.3, Calendar App v1.5.3) with Google Calendar.

From my Nextcloud site, Calendar application, when I click on the 3 dots on the right of the name of the Calendar I want to share and select Link, I copy the URL ( and paste it into the Other calendars / Add by URL box in Google Calendar. I receive the error “Could not fetch the URL”

Back to Nextcloud Calendar, when I click Settings & Import at the bottom left, then copy Primary CalDav address and paste it into the Add by URL box in Google Calendar, I receive the same error “Could not fetch the URL.”

I’ve got the same error when I copy the address from iOS/OS X CalDAV address.

Back to the NextCloud Calendar app, when I click Shared / Share link and then the link icon right to Public access, a new webpage opens. I cannot click on the 2 buttons Subscribe and Download on the top left part of the screen since the logo Nextcloud is displayed on top of them, but opening the source code of the page allowed me to get 2 urls, webcal:// and

Using both in Google Calendar led to the error “We could not parse the calendar at the URL requested.”

Anyone knows how to share a NextCloud calendar with Google Calendar ?

Thanks in advance,


Hi Gilles,

go to your Google Calendar settings, locate it’s private address and copy it;
go to Nextcloud Calendar, click on New Subscription (I presume it is called so, my instance is in another language) and paste there the private address.
That for sharing Google calendar with Nextcloud.

For sharing with Google, first make your Nextcloud calendar public, then go to settings on the bottom left and copy the callDav address, then paste it into Google/Other Calendars/Add by URL.

Thank you Laurentiu for your answer. Unofrtunately, when I paste the CalDAV URL retrieved from NextCloud Calendar App, Google Calendar replies “Could not fetch the URL”. Does it work ok for you ?

I got the same error before making it public.
After sharing the Nextcloud calendar, I repeated the process and it worked.

By making the calendar public, you mean select the “share link” checkbox in NC ? That’s what I did, then copy the CalDAV link at the bottom left but nothing happens in Google Calendar. With the iOS/OS X CalDAv link, the error “Could not fetch” in Google appears.

By the way, I think the URL coming from the Link menu entry after clicking on the 3 dots on the right of the calendar I want to share in NC would be more appropriate, since this URL indicates which calendar to share whereas the Primary CalDAV URL is general. However, this link does not work either in Google Calendar.

I also tried to click on “Make this calendar publicly available?” while importing in Google, which prevented the error to appear but did not display my calendar. Moreover, I don’t really want my calendar to be publicly available…

So why can you sync your NC calendar with Google while I’m not…? Do you have several calendars associated to your user? I do. Which versions are you using? I use NextCloud v11.0.3, Calendar App v1.5.3. Something else?

I have only one calendar in NC, I tried to share it just to see if it works after seeing your problem.
NC 11.0.3, Calendar 1.5.3 also.
Cannot explain why…

Try to talk to the developer/maintainer. I got this advice all the time from :smile:

Thanks for your answers, I’ll try to contact Bernhard…

Just to keep you informed, I contacted Bernhard who suggested me to file a bug report. You can find it here :

The problem was due to an agenda too large (cf. Google calendar can’t manage calendars larger than 1 MB

Now solved, check the GitHub thread for more details :


There is no such thing as “make your calender public” within NC
THat is - by intention - a missing feature.


Sorry for resurrecting old thread but is there a possibility to share google calendar in R/W mode? I see all entries but read-only, can’t change anything or add new event.

You may have find by yourself, but maybe for other users…
If you want to be able to access modifications of your google calendar(s) from nextcloud, you have to configure the calendar from google cloud.
From your Google calendar cloud place online, on your calendar selected options, you have to add the email of the user you want him to be able to modify the calendar, and also, define wich kind of access rules he can have.
Then, from your nextcloud application, your user has (if you define it) an email linked. This email is the one to use for give access rules to google calendar shared with him. It is a minimal protection who said what which one connected can do.

hope this will help someone.

does that work if the NC given email is the same as the google user in google calendar?

Hi kattivus, yes it should works because of your user email linked with google email, but not only, because you should config your Google calendar to be able to “share with” your email’s user’s nextcloud account first (or to be public instead) by setting this email to share with (if not the same). From there you should be able to get copy of your linked address provided from your Google calendar setting view.

My experience is that i am able to get my google calendar (some of them but not all, and i don’t know why… it worked better at nextcloud version 12) after some times to wait…
(i’m Jerome1976 logged in an other account for some reason)

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