Sharing issue with copy link

Hello everyone. I’ve tried to install nextcloud on a VM for a test. All the installation process is ok without errors. But i noticed an issue with the sharing link copy. If i want to share a file or folder from the local machine it works and generare and copy the link. But if i try to share a file or a folder from a remote machine it create the sharing but don’t copy the link. It say me “is not possible to copy the link”, copy the link manually.

Any fix for this?

Never heard of that. What is this remote machine…?

i have the same issue, so i’ll bump this post, would like to use nextcloud to allow friends to drop photo’s and videos using explicitly this function

The link can still be copied manually when that occurs.

At least from what I recall when I previously encountered that.

I didn’t dig into the cause at the time.

Are you using HTTP (not HTTPS) by chance?

(Incidentally don’t do that - at least not remotely. Implement HTTPS and the issue should go away).