Sharing in Federation

We just recently updated our Nextcloud to version 28.0.5 from the last iteration of 27. I have two small questions regarding the share options.
1.) Before the update, when we wanted to share files and folders with a federated server, the options in the “share” menu showed the corresponding federation-ID instead of just the name. Since some people have accounts on both servers, it’s quite difficult to distinguish if it’s a federation share or a local share. Is there an option to show the federation-ID again?
2.) When I’m sharing a folder in the federation, where can I find it? It’s neither in the “files” section, nor in the “shared with you” section.

issue #2 is solved

Would you mind telling fellow communitymembers with a similar problem how exactly you solved it?

You have to accept the share from a federated server. Therefore you have to allow to receive notifications, then you can accept the share and it’ll show in your regular files as share. However it does not show up under the “shared with you” section.

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