Sharing image from mobile app gets resampled

Hello All,
if I share an image from the mobile app to WhatsApp, it is resampled and is blurred.
I thought it was an easy way to share an image from a pc to a mobile, but this way it’s useless.
Is there a parameter to set, in order to prevent this resampling?

I think the image compression isn’t caused by Nextcloud but by WhatsApp. You will find many workarounds on the internet which are describing this behavior. Why don’t you share the file on Nextcloud and then send the Nextcloud share link to the recipient? This makes sure that the image can be downloaded as it.

thank you very much, I guess you are right.
You see, time ago I thought I’d use NC to share fine pictures of mine, carefully post-processed on my desktop, with my Instagram account. Then I realized that once on Instagram, all the sharpness was gone.
So, I thought it was NC to blame.

actually, no: the situation is exactly described here:

It looks that since Jan 2019 no progress has been made.

@gian @j-ed

I think the problem is the preview and full image processing of nextcloud. It is very stupid.

A few nextcloud images:

Lets look at “Library.jpg”.

Preview Image - first version:
Klick on “Library.jpg” then right mouse klick and “save to:” : 1537-1024.jpg

Preview Image - second version
Image Preview:
Klick then right mouse klick and “save to:” 1024-682.jpg

Full Image - first version:
-> then Download on Image “Library.jpg”
-> filename: Library.jpg, 1600x1066 pixel

Full Image - second version:
-> then “Download” or
-> filename: Library.jpg, 1600x1066 pixel

Perhaps someone can post a link to or a documentation to show the original image direct in Nextcloud. I think that is not possible.
Ok you can use

First part is ok, last part is unnecessary and unpleasant. Please refrain yourself next time.

Ok. Sorry. But i think the processing of pictures could be improved. On my mobile devices (Moto G and Nexus 7) i can not scroll through pictures. Sometimes the system tells me there is no preview possible. Tested on three nextclouds, versions 19 and 20. App stops and i must restart the app (both devices).

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That we both agree :slight_smile:
There’s always room for improvements and it’s far more cooler to see people discussing how to improve rather than ranting on how it currently doesn’t fit their needs :wink:
Have a nice day!

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